Daily Archives: May 9, 2011

What Represents Your Personal History? Is It Protected?

We all have a history.  You know, the life we have lived so far.  What is your personal history?

What stuff do you have that represents your personal history?  Have you protected those things?  Photographs, clippings or programs describing special events in which you participated or excelled?  Perhaps plaques and trophies and other memorabilia?  Is it in the basement in cartons or bags?  Is it stacked on shelves in a storage closet?  Perhaps you have some of it on display.

Well, it is apparent to me, I had waited too long to figure out what to do with the collection of things that represents my personal history.  And my husband’s as well.  Most of our things were in boxes sitting on a cement floor in the storage room in the basement.  Yup!  A flooded basement is a true indication that things should have been more carefully stored than they have been.

The other night, the disaster restoration crew worked for about seven hours in our finished lower level doing what they do.  When they left, there are fans everywhere, going non-stop and the water extraction machine still doing it’s job.

After they left, I went downstairs just to take a look at everything.  There were numerous cartons with the telltale water residue.  As I started poking around to see the contents, I came across a whole carton of photo albums I’d not even remembered I had.  Yes albums that chronicle my life years ago, as my son was growing up.  Former family members, not seen in many years.  School pictures of my son for every year of grade school, baseball and hockey team pictures… baby books, his and mine.

Fortunately, I don’t anticipate any total loss of our personal items and pictures.  We were home to take action when we finally realized what was going on.  Imagine going to the lower level to get the cushions for the patio furniture and stepping into a puddle!  The culprit–a burst pipe at the hose-bib outside left over from our horrible winter, waiting to do its damage the instant the hose was reconnected to it.  The challenge–we didn’t know it for about forty-five minutes!

So what represents your personal history, no matter what your age?  And what are you doing to protect it?