Daily Archives: May 7, 2011

The Red, White and Blue

Perhaps you couldn’t view this video in a reader if you view my blog through that method.  I just happened to check this as it appeared in my Google Reader and the video wouldn’t play.  Not sure why, so I’ve posted it again.  If you have trouble viewing it in your reader, check it out on my Facebook profile.  It’s worth a look.

American Pride

The video shown below, appeared on my niece’s Facebook profile recently and I thought it was worth sharing.  This niece is the Mother of Michael, my great nephew, currently serving in the middle east.

Can we even have a fraction of an idea of what these young people are experiencing?  What a feeling of American Pride we have when as Toby Keith is shown here providing entertainment to our troops!

Our hats are off to you, Michael, and all of our service men and women around the world, showing the epitome of American Pride.

Who are the young people in your life who are serving our country off shore or even here at home?