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More Memories

A while back, I had mentioned the situation of having water in the basement and the impact to the things, pictures, memorabilia that represents our history.  Perhaps you have experienced it to some degree.  Fortunately for us, I believe it could have been much worse.

This incident has become the catalyst for the motivation we needed to go through the numerous cardboard boxes we have had in the storage room for the six or so years since we’ve blended our households–stuff we’ve each accumulated over many years.  I think you know what I’m talking about.  Actually for us it was mostly files, paperwork and books, besides the pictures and more personal things.

After contacting a shredding company and setting a date for them to come to the house and shred our information sensitive documents, we now had a date toward which to work and get things organized to be taken care of.

Recently we took a Saturday and went through our stuff, finding old pictures, books and other things, many long forgotten and easily recognized when found.  For my husband, having been a hall of fame coach for a few different programs, there were numerous boxes representing all of that.  He was obviously enjoying the aspect of remembering special moments from his past.

It’s a good feeling to have gotten through about 90% of what we needed to and now having our stuff in plastic bins… lots of plastic bins.  We have about two dozen boxes for the shredding truck when it comes.  When you have been in real estate for about fourteen years, you have accumulated lots of transaction files with lots of peoples’ sensitive information.  By the way, if anyone reading this has been a real estate client, know that your documents are being shredded.

What is your experience with the things that represent the memories of your past?  Are your things safe from hazards like water in the basement?  Have you had a catalyst occur that prompted you to go through your stuff?  How have you protected your stuff?  Would love to hear of your experiences in this area.

Freedom Isn’t Free

Freedom isn’t free… There’s always a price.  This is in honor of Memorial Day 2011.

Unfortunately it’s our young people that pay that price to protect all of us.

This video contains lots of old footage of wars of the past, as well as some more recent video.  Watch it for the entire time as a remembrance of all who have sacrificed for us.

Personally, in our family, we salute our (great) nephew Michael, who is serving valiantly as a Marine, overseas.  Our thanks goes out to Michael and all the brave men and women who are doing their part, above and beyond, for us.

Michael, we think of you often.  Thank you.

In The Blink Of An Eye!

Life is a very precious thing.  Each of our lives are special and unique.  How many times do we actually think about how precious our life is until we see something happen to another, or perhaps something happens to us, to bring this to our attention.

Recently I was in my kitchen and bam!!! crash!!!  If you have ever heard a crash between two vehicles, you know the sound.  It’s not good.  You may not be sure what has happened, but you know it’s not good.

As I looked out my kitchen window I saw the result.  As I looked closely it appeared one vehicle was upside down.  It took me just a few seconds to call 9-1-1.  Even though we all have a cell phone, I wanted to make sure the call was made.  After a few minutes of explaining any details I could to the person on the line, I decided to grab my cell phone and head out to see if there was anything I needed to do beyond that.

I am not a person who enjoys watching the aftermath of this type of thing.  Here was a woman, obviously in pain, s-u-v upside down and lying half in and half out of this vehicle.  By this time, various passersby and perhaps neighbors were assisting.  Someone asked her about perhaps calling someone who would need to know about this and the woman indicated that her mother should be called.  I called the number she was able to give us and left a voice message for her mother.  This was not a message I enjoyed leaving and one I can’t even imagine getting.

When the rescue vehicles arrived, and at an appropriate moment, I let the lead guy know about the call to her mom and asked which hospital she would be taken to.  He had me write down her number for him.

Wow!  How our lives can change in the blink of an eye!

Live Life To The Fullest

The following video is from this interesting site that contains lots of motivational quotes put to music.  This one is from Dale Carnegie.

If you have ever taken a Dale Carnegie course, your life has probably been impacted to some extent.  Personally, in 1984 I took The Dale Carnegie Course and it changed my life forever.  You might wonder how exactly did it change my life?  It gave me the confidence to speak to groups of people, which over the years has proven invaluable.

In this video, there is some wisdom expressed about living our lives now, to the fullest extent.

We always need to pay attention to this concept.  What are we waiting for?  We need to enjoy every experience that comes our way.


Recently I was talking with someone whom I happened to run into and hadn’t seen in a few years.  While talking to her, it struck me that she has had lots of adversity in her life.  She doesn’t seem to deal with it well, and I believe there are lots of people like this who might benefit from knowing about such things as this blog.  This is a post I wrote/quoted/referenced last fall.  It’s still relevant!


The following blog post/article is written by Chuck Gallozzi.  I found it most interesting and thought perhaps you would too.

Adversity: Here to Break Us or Make Us?

Pain, suffering, stress, and other difficulties are the admission tickets to the game of life. But, at times, we cannot help suspecting that life would be much more pleasant without the hassles. Is that what you think? Before answering, ponder the following. In a world without hurdles, there are no champions; without suffering, there are no saints; without battles, there are no victories; without rain, no rainbows. Doesnt it appear that a world that includes pain is more rewarding than one that doesnt? Isnt heat necessary to produce gold, pressure and polishing necessary to produce diamonds, and adversity necessary to produce character?

Heres how Henry Ford expressed the same sentiment: Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward.

To read the entire article click here.


How do you handle adversity?  How do you help others handle their adversity?


There’s always something new in the Internet and social media world.  Right now, it’s Gtrot.

This is a social network that uses your social network to simplify travel and social planning.

If you go to this website you will learn more about it.

Gtrot hopes to be a social network travel adviser, by making it easy to share travel experiences and information.  The site uses permission-based Facebook data to show friends who live in your destination city or are familiar with it.

This site is different than others in that it uses peoples’ connections within Facebook to help make informed connections.

Have you heard of Gtrot yet?

Gary Player–A Success After Sixty

Even if you are not a golfer, you probably recognize the name Gary Player.

This November he’ll turn 76 years old and is currently enjoying his long days of working his 13,000 acre South African ranch.

Here is the link to the article from Success Magazine with a story about this great man and his significance.

During his career as a professional golfer, he had 165 tournament wins worldwide.  He won the Masters 3 times with 15 top 10 finishes at the Augusta National event.

Yes, Gary Player is a success after sixty to be sure.  And off the course, today he is busy working his ranch as well as continuing to design golf courses around the world.  He breeds race horses, runs the Gary Player Foundation, which has built schools in Johannesburg and is also working on raising funds for impoverished children.  One of Gary Players’ passions currently is to promote fitness to a world that is having challenges with obesity.

In this article, he compares the traits of being a championship golfer to being a successful businessman. “Patience is a very big thing. Working hard. Dressing well. Learning to speak well. Taking an interest in other people rather than just yourself. Being humble.”

Gary Player is truly a success after sixty role model…

I don’t know about you, but he gives me the encouragement to keep on keeping on… I really enjoy reading about people who are taking life aggressively.

How about you?  What are your thoughts?


This past weekend I attended my Moravian College Alumni Weekend… aka… Reunion weekend.  Interesting feelings came over me during the event…

I haven’t been on campus in about ten years, so it was great being there and seeing so much that is new.  Moravian College is in good hands and seemingly being well taken care of by President Thomford and the Board.

It was great getting caught up with long-time friends and re-establishing relationships.

When the scheduled events were over and just before I was ready to leave the campus, I decided to take a walk around the immediate area of the student union building.  The dorms where I had spent my last three years were just across the field and a short walk down the sidewalk.  As I walked the sidewalk past the ‘gym’, which is now housing a state-of-the-art fitness facility, and then approaching the dorms, I had an overwhelming feeling of melancholy come over me as I thought of the significant events of my college years.

The lower level of this dorm is where a bunch of us saw history unfold as the Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan in their first US appearance.  We didn’t know we were witnessing history that Sunday night!

And three months earlier, during a class I was attending in Comenius Hall, we heard of the assassination of JFK in Dallas.  Where were you when you heard the news?  Everyone who was old enough to know about life, remembers that.

Lots of memories on this campus.  And what flooded my mind as I was getting in my car to leave was a thought of the classmates and friends we have lost.  Some, way before their time and some, more recently.

Yes, 45 years is a long span of living and life happening.  And it’s all pretty much that…Life!

It gave me a bit of a melancholy feeling leaving the campus and the weekend.  I had a wonderful and fun experience at Moravian and it’s always fun to return every so often.  However, it’s an obvious catalyst to thinking about stuff other than what’s happening in your life now!

How about you?  Have you been to a reunion lately?