Daily Archives: April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Well, how could you not know the context of this post.  Is not everyone talking about, writing about and buzzing about The Royal Wedding

Think about what a great diversion it is for all the talk of war, crime and the bad economy.  However, it is a tragedy what has happened in Alabama with all the devastation the tornadoes have caused.

We’re not making light of any of the more serious topics.  Saturday is a day for light stuff.  And what could be more ‘light’ than The Royal Wedding.

I have checked YouTube for inspiration and something to post here, but seriously, anyone can do that and see the thousands of videos from which to choose.  So, I’ve decided to let you know about the official website.  Interesting, the English Monarchy has come into the twenty-first century with social media… Cheerio!  I believe this is official, however who really knows.

Admittedly, Friday morning I had the TV on from 8:00AM till about 9:15, since quite frankly I’d really not been thinking of it when I first woke up.  I was in time to see the couple come out on the Balcony and execute the first two royal kisses.  Can you believe the second kiss was totally out of protocol!  Oh, the younger generation!

Whatever you have seen of this couple, is it not obvious that they seem truly in love and so relaxed with each other.  What a wonderful difference from thirty years ago, watching Diana and Charles in these roles.  Can you believe it’s been thirty years?

Enjoy the event in whatever way you choose, if you do.

What are your thoughts on all of it.  Would love to hear from you.