Daily Archives: April 26, 2011

Alumni News…How Does It Make You Feel?

Do you receive the alumni news publication from your high school or college?  How does it make you feel?  You know, when you read that one of the alums has gone on to do some great, wonderful thing and is world-renown.

Well, somehow it seems that my college alumni news contains information about a lot of remarkable people.

Recently, I was reading about a guy who had graduated three years before me.  I vaguely remember his name.  Well, he’s retired now and living in the Dominican Republic and has created this great non-profit organization to take care of orphans.  What a wonderful thing!  Wow!  Not everyone can put this in their resume!

Oh, and what’s more interesting was reading about the stellar advertising career he had, on Park Avenue in NYC for a well-known ad agency.  He’s the guy responsible for the campaign, ‘Got Milk?’  Yikes, a Moravian College graduate–famous!  Well, kind of.

So what about people who have gone through life and don’t have these kinds of accomplishments?  I realize that would be most of the rest of us.

Here’s the conclusion I’ve arrived at:  Not everyone has the same life-path as everyone else.  Not everyone will have the commercial success as some.  Some people have made choices to take them in a direction that may have been right for them and it just didn’t include fame and notoriety.  So what!

My belief is that we can cheer on the people who have carved out a life path that worked for them, whatever it is or was.  And in the case of the guy mentioned above, talk about giving back!  Wow, he deserves to be cheered for.

So what about you and the success you have had or not, according to the standards you have set?  Achieving success is different for everyone.

What are your thoughts?