Daily Archives: April 25, 2011


Monday is the day I write about aging, or as I say, enjoying life after sixty.

Most of the time in our culture, when someone is talking about getting older or presenting on a related topic, they phrase it, ‘anti-aging‘.

After having read, Younger Next Year For Women, by Lodge and Crowley, which I have referenced here a number of times, it gives me a chuckle when I hear the term, anti-aging.  Lodge and Crowley contend that we’re going to continue to look older each year, but we can always look good.  It’s the inside of our body that can be younger next year.

To get ideas for this blog, I just Googled, aging in 2011… One of the first items I saw was information about a big ‘Anti-Aging’ conference to be held in December of this year.  Apparently it will have many and numerous experts and authorities on the topic.

Does this not sound a bit silly?  If you have read the book by Lodge and Crowley, doesn’t it make more sense to just take a natural approach to aging and realize it will happen just by our being alive for more years.  That’s a good thing, right!

Lodge and Crowley advocate for being younger as we age by a rather simple formula

Strenuous exercise forty-five minutes a day, six days a week.  Strength and weight training two of those days.

Eat well, (we all know by now what’s good and what’s not or could get that information easily).

Stay connected and committed to others and something we can feel passionate about.

My feeling is that it’s not about hormone replacement, Botox or the litany of other complicated and invasive protocols being tested and touted.

What are your thoughts about anti-aging or aging?