Daily Archives: April 19, 2011

Got Insurance?

How much do you know about your health insurance coverage?  Really, how much do you know, until someone points out something or you find out that the claim was not paid to the extent you thought it would be.

Health insurance is such a hot topic now, since the industry seems to be in a total state of flux.

Recently I had an appointment with one of my doctors that I see once a year.  I’ve been seeing this doctor once a year for well over twenty-five years.  I am very aware that of all the doctors I call my doctor (for whatever), he’s the only one who has often mentioned costs of co-pays, which pharmacies are most cost-effective, etc.

On this recent annual visit, he happened to mention my insurance coverage, which I had thought was rather robust.  Well, he deflated that bubble!  Actually, he said it is one of the worst coverages.

Now I remember that at the first of the year, our Blue Cross became a Blue Cross PPO including Medicare.  Today the doctor explained that this plan incorporates Medicare and all the various parts of it.

Personally I do not ‘get’ insurance-coverage explanations.  I like to think I can follow the explanations of what is covered, but find I am somewhat confused by it all…

Within the next day or so, I will be phoning our insurance carrier and requesting a detailed explanation and answers to my pre-written questions!

So, is there anyone who understands their coverage?  How do you know if you have what you think you have and what you want to have?

Feel free to respond to this… These are really more than rhetorical questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you.