Daily Archives: April 6, 2011

My New iPhone

Last Wednesday I referenced an article comparing the new iPhone 4 with the iPhone 3Gs, which is the model prior to the iPhone 4.  I had been intrigued to consider buying the 3Gs, since it is newer technology than my original iPhone, which I’ve had for three and a half years.  The original iPhone was introduced in June of 2007.

So, here we are three and a half years later hearing the promo commercials for the iPhone 3Gs 8GB for $49.  Hmmm!!!  My options were, do I get the 3Gs for $49 or the new iPhone 4 for $199 (since I’ve been with AT&T forever).  Now in the big picture there isn’t a lot of difference in price.   And the iPhone 4 would have 16GB capacity.

I checked my capacity on my current iPhone and to date had used only 75%.  I thought hard about how I use this thing.  Would I be likely to download movies (which would take lots of space)?  Not likely.  If I download a movie it will be on my iPad, not the phone.  Who would want to view a movie on a phone?  (Lots of people I guess, but not me!)

Here is one of the biggest reasons I ended up deciding on the 3Gs…  Apple will soon come out with a new version of the iPhone.  How do I know this?  Because they constantly bring out new models.  And who knows… it may have 4G capability.  In my not so tech-savvy mind, that would be a next level to consider.

So, if you are not versed in all things iPhone, you ask, ‘Well isn’t the iPhone 4, 4G‘?  No, it isn’t.  Check it out.  I learned that bit of information from some competitors’ commercials.  There are phones and carriers that offer 4G, but not the iPhone 4.

So, if you are not versed in all things tech, you ask, ‘Well, what’s 4G anyway’?  Personally I don’t know, but all I know is that we’ll hear more about it as time goes by.  After all, did we know what 3G was until the commercials helped us learn along the way?