Daily Archives: March 30, 2011

Phone Wars?

Today is the day we address ‘The Internet and Social Media’, but I have actually enlarged the scope of Wednesday’s posts to include technology in general.

Recently I caught a promo about the price of the iPhone 3GS being only $49.  Now I know enough about all of this to be a bit dangerous…  I feel I know some stuff and then hit the proverbial brick wall.

When I heard the commercial that you could get an iPhone 3Gs for $49, it intrigued me.  I have the original iPhone, the model which is almost four years old!  Oh horrors!!!

I’ve had this phone for over three years, which qualifies me for whatever promo AT&T may be running for their ‘loyal’ customers.  Recently I was speaking to a customer service rep about a billing question and sure enough he was able to answer my next questions about pricing on the phones.

As far as I can tell, there must be a glut of the iPhone 3GS phones on the market (this is the model that they made before the iPhone 4).  So, it appears that they are selling these at a very attractive price.

Well, it has gotten my attention.  I’m considering my options here.  My current phone has been reacting much slower now and also for quite a while the touch part at the bottom row (in the vertical position) is difficult to activate.

Here is an article I found that gives a comparison of features vs. price and may be helpful.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this.