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More About Achievement

This is a repost of an earlier one in January this year.  Enjoy…


Achievement: A Proven System for NextLevel Growth

Above is a link to Amazon, if you choose to order the book that I am getting so much value from.

Yesterday I posted about this book and some concepts contained in it, and referred to a link, but the above gives a link right to Amazon, which may be a more straight-forward way if you want to get it.

This book is all about achieving and achievement, so there are a series of concepts discussed to get to the ultimate goal of achievement.

Here’s an interesting concept covered in this book:

Mental Toughness–5 Steps

1.  Maintain positive expectancy–Achieve and accomplish your dreams first in your mind before they will be realized materially

2.  Manage daily choices according to your goals not your feelings–you’re not always going to feel like working on your goals and you need to work through that

3.  Consciously decide who you want to associate with–your associations with others will either promote your growth or deter it

4.  Live in the moment–living in the past or future is impossible, a waste of time and of no importance–really it’s called living in your comfort zone;  living in the moment will propel you toward your goals

5.  Believe–you may not see it, but you need to know it is possible

These are ways to manage the choice of attitude.

Managing a positive mental attitude is not a natural thing.  Now you are aware of some of the pitfalls out there.  You must develop a positive, productive attitude.  It won’t happen naturally, but you can do it!

Let us know how you choose to keep your positive mental attitude.