Daily Archives: March 15, 2011

Received Any New Body Parts Lately?

I’m wondering who has received any new body parts lately?  Isn’t it wonderful that we live at a time that we can replace worn-out parts and give us a new lease on mobility?

Last Tuesday, my husband received a new hip–hip replacement surgery.  Yup… titanium and plastic!  According to the ‘literature’ on this type of thing, and the expert opinion of the Orthopedic surgeon that put it in, this is the best option for various medical and quality of life reasons.

What do any of us know about this stuff, until the time comes to look into it and decide which way to go.

It finally became obvious to us that this was the best thing to do.  Funny thing is that everyone we would mention this decision to, would tell us/him that the hip is so much easier than the knees.  Well, perhaps because we totally bought into that, we were a little surprised at the reality of how things were within the first days and week after surgery.

Perhaps it was our naivete about surgery in general.  We’ve both been fortunate not to have experience with this type of thing.  I think we’ve come to the conclusion that the comparison people are quick to make is really about the long road to recovery, not the short time after.

All-in-all, things are proceeding well, and according to the physical therapist who has come to the house twice, he’s on track and doing really well… Yipee!

Actually there is so much to rehab with anything like this, and I am thankful that Jim is so diligent about doing the exercises and being careful to move correctly to continue an upward progression to total healing and more.

Now that’s real success after sixty!

Note to selves:  We need to allow extra time to move through security at the airport for any trip we take!

What’s been your experience with this type of thing?