Daily Archives: March 14, 2011

What’s Your Attitude?

What’s your attitude?  I mean in general… Are you rather optimistic or pretty much of a pessimist?

Are you aware that our attitude has a lot to do with our general quality of life and even the length of our life.

Optimism is a learned skill, and perhaps if you are not an optimistic person, this might be the time to decide to become that way.  We’re not talking ‘Pollyanna’ here, but we’re talking how you view things in general.  You know, glass half full vs. glass half empty stuff.

Some people at this age, are thinking about all the negatives of aging.  This is a bad way of thinking since it serves no good purpose and actually will be detrimental to your health.  Really!

How many people dread an upcoming birthday?  Why?  What is the alternative?

There was a study done of older nuns to determine the correlation between optimism and social connection.  One nun, Sister Esther at age 106 who got along pretty well with a walker and still an active member of her community, was quoted as saying, “Some days I feel like I’m 150 years old, but I just make up my mind I’m not going to give up“.  Wow!  What a great role model!

So, what’s your attitude?  And what are your thoughts on all of this?