Daily Archives: March 4, 2011

Connect And Commit

Connect and commit is a phrase used in the Younger Next Year For Women book which I have referred to recently.  Actually yesterday’s post contained some information about how our thoughts and emotions are connected.

The connect and commit part is an admonition by the doctor (Harry) to stay engaged in life.  ‘By staying engaged you will drive away stress, loneliness and idle worry about status.  Reach out to good stimuli of exercise, good sleep, rational diet, love and play.  Happiness comes mostly from building connections, giving and getting love and friendship.  That takes work, but it is deeply satisfying work. Connect and commit to drive away despair.’

As I have read their section on connecting and committing, I realize they are really addressing people who are older than most of us reading this, including the author of this blog.  However, I believe it is to create an awareness that we must guard against becoming sedentary and solitary as years go by.  Especially if we are living alone.

Personally, I can relate to this, as I have an easy time passing time alone.  I don’t need a party to make me happy.  Perhaps some of you are like that too.  This is some good information.  It’s all about creating a quality of life for ourselves for the last third of our life.  And according to these authors, this will be about thirty years, give or take!

So, what do you do now to connect and commit to life?  How do you engage yourself with others?  What groups are you in that you couldn’t live without?

We’d love to hear your comments to this.