Younger Next Year…

Younger Next Year and Younger Next Year For Women are books by Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge, MD.

Have you heard of these books?

Recently I purchased these books and the CD version for the women’s book for my husband and me.

This was probably one of the best things I’ve done recently.  My husband has devoured the book.  I have just gotten into it a bit, since I was finishing another book.  But together we listened to one of the CDs in the car recently.

The concepts I’ve read and heard so far and that my husband has mentioned are some of the most unique concepts I’ve ever heard.  Not one other author that I’m aware of or that I’ve read, mentions the concept of continuing meaningful relationships with people as we age.  And continue to have a passion, purpose and involve ourselves in something that really interests us as we age.

What I like about the essence of this book is that they give concrete information about how to keep the body from ‘rotting’.  Unlike most of the books out there, especially the ones directed to women, this book acknowledges that we will look older… Wow! now that’s honesty!

But they distinguish the condition of our outer body from the important part that will keep our quality of life in optimum condition.  And that is the condition of our inner body.  This book is a manual for making our body younger next year… REALLY!

Let me know if you are familiar with these books and what your thoughts are.

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