Daily Archives: October 30, 2010

Without Power?!

Without power is an interesting expression.  I am realizing this as I’m composing this post.  Power has a number of different meanings depending on the context in which it is used.  Power, according to Wikipedia covers the categories of Physics, Mathematics and Social Science.  You can check these out on their site.

The power I’m referring to is electrical power, aka, electricity in layman’s terms.  So, how do you feel about not having electricity for 19 hours?

Well, I, personally get a little cranky.  It’s not that I don’t like candle light, but candle light doesn’t run the computer or the the portable phone in the home or so many other things we use without a thought, all the time…

Over the years, every so often, I think we’ve all heard people bemoan the fact that ‘we’re so spoiled in America‘… ‘we have such luxuries‘…  Well, it’s interesting that when I’ve heard those statements, it has made me stop and think about what they mean.  As far as I’m concerned, I think this thinking is flawed.

We who are reading this who live in the United States, Canada or some other civilized country, have come to enjoy certain ways of living that include electricity, many technological advances and inventions and a resulting, great lifestyle by most standards.  And I’ve come to realize, that this is the way it is.

Some may think we should enjoy taking a day off from all that we’ve become accustomed to… Not me!   I don’t think so.  However, when we are without power, we have few options.  We can either deal with it or check into a hotel and wait it out.

For us, as soon as the power went out on Wednesday 10/27 around 5PM, I was on the phone within fifteen minutes to DTE Energy to report it.  According to the automated message I received about the estimated time to restore service, it indicated Friday 10/29 around 6:30PM.  I could hardly believe it, so continued to call for updated information, which I did probably around five times throughout the evening and Thursday morning.

Well… surprise, surprise… at around 11:30 or so Thursday morning, the power went back on!  Yipee!!!

When we are without electrical power, we realize how much we rely on it for so much of our daily tasks, chores and just stuff.  When we get it back, if you are like me, I kind of appreciate it a lot and am conscious of how great it is to live where we do and have the things we have.

How do you deal with being without power?