Daily Archives: October 25, 2010

Class Reunions

What was the last class reunion you attended?  What experiences did you have?  Were you happy you went or did you come away thinking you’d never go to another one?

Recently I attended the 50th high school class reunion with my husband.  Doesn’t that sound so amazing?  About twenty years ago, if someone said that to me, I’d get this image in my mind of people in walkers, feeble and… well, you get the picture.

What I saw instead was a cross-section of how people in their late sixty’s have aged.  Some of these people, of course were the spouses of the classmates, and like myself, not quite at that age, but it was interesting.  I think a lot of it goes back to my beliefs of many years ago, that to some extent it’s a mindset about how we will age that brings us to how we have aged.

My husband grew up in a small town and perhaps that is why this event was so well attended.  People came from all over to be there.  Having grown up in a neighborhood within a city, I didn’t have a sense of what it was like to have grown up in a small town.  Many of these people have moved to various parts of the country and experienced life in large cities, but in speaking with a number of them, their life in this small town was a great experience which many felt grounded them.

For me, I attended my twentieth high school reunion many years ago, and decided it would be my last and it was, so far.  Not sure if I’ll venture back for #50 or not.  However, a milestone college reunion is approaching next year, and I will attend that, as I have many in the past.  The big difference for me is the size of the school and the class.  My college graduating class was around 200 people.  My high school class was much larger and I don’t have fond memories of those years.

What has been your experience with class reunions?