Daily Archives: October 16, 2010

Bottle Size?

Is it just me or should the size of the bottle fit the quantity of the contents?

Recently I was in our local health food store to replenish my supply of CoQ10.  I hadn’t taken the almost empty bottle, but had written the strength I wanted.

Once in the aisle with all the supplements (of which this store has a huge assortment of brands and choices), I scanned the shelves to see if I’d recognize the bottle I had at home.  Well, I didn’t find the one that I had been using but I found another one with the same strength.  Well, what do you know?  There were two bottles of the same size together encapsulated with cellophane and a sticker indicating ‘bonus’ bottle.  Of course, one would think you were getting something extra with your purchase, like a buy one/get one offer.

Well, when it came time to actually open the new bottle and start using them, I broke the cellophane and opened the bottle, after removing all the other ‘safeguards’ that make opening things a pain…

To my dismay, in this bottle, which could probably hold about five to six ounces of a liquid, were 30 softgels lying at the bottom, taking up about 20% of the volume of this bottle… Now, I know, the bottle was clearly marked ’30 softgels’.  I realize it wasn’t false labeling, but somehow it just seems like this company went out of its way to create packaging to make people feel they are getting more.  And the word ‘bonus’… I am actually feeling like I over paid.  And by the way, next time I’m in the store, I’m going to check out other brands and see what the prices are for the various quantities.  I really think I over paid…  And I am not feeling good about that!