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The Ryder Cup 2010

Well, The Ryder Cup was actually last weekend, but I didn’t write about it then, so thought I’d do a little catch up now.

Have you ever gone to watch the Ryder Cup ‘in person’?  I have not, but as we watched many hours of the event last weekend, I mentioned to my husband that this is now a goal of mine, to go to Europe four years from now and be right there for it.

The Ryder Cup is a golf competition and is played every-other year, alternately in Europe and the United States.  It used to be played in the odd-numbered years, and was slated for play in 2001 and due to the events of 9/11 that year, it was postponed and thus now is played in even years, every-other year.

If you have interest in learning more about the Ryder Cup and the many details people have contributed, check out Wikipedia’s information about it.  (I love Wikipedia and all the details they have about stuff!)

Just in case you haven’t heard or didn’t watch, the U.S. Team lost a close race and the Europeans won back the Ryder Cup.  Hunter Mahan was in the spotlight at the very end on Monday morning (Eastern Time) and lost his match to Graeme McDowell.  It was a well-fought match, but I can’t even imagine how Mahan feels with the eyes of the world on him as he hit a few bad shots at the end.

That being said, what a great competition it was.  The U.S. Team competed well, and as a spectator, it almost seems like we need to be reminded that it wasn’t Mahan that lost for the U.S…. it was all the strokes along the way of each player that weren’t enough to retain the Cup, which they had won two years ago.

So, a new goal I have is to attend The Ryder Cup Matches in Europe four years from now.  How about you?  Ever want to see it up close and live?