Daily Archives: October 5, 2010

How Do You Achieve Success After Sixty?

There are so many ways to achieve success.  Tuesday is the day that we recognize success after sixty.

What does success mean to you?  Are you a success as an entrepreneur?  Are you a success as a small business owner?  Are you a success as an artist?  Are you a success as a grandparent?

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal, according to Bob Proctor and some other personal development teachers.  So what type of success have you strived for in your life?  What has interested you now in your sixties?  It may be a different type of success than what interested you in previous decades.

How do you achieve success now at this age?  Are you even interested in success now?

I remember from a tape series I listened to many years ago from Bob Proctor, that he used an analogy of the growth of an oak tree to our striving for success:  does the oak tree decide to stop growing at a certain point, believing it’s done with growth and success as an oak tree?  So why should we stop striving for all that we can be?

What are your thoughts on this concept and what are you successful at now?  Would love to hear from you.