Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

Lost Keys?

By now I think we all realize that when we misplace something and claim it is lost, it is very often found in the last place we look!!!

This past weekend, I had a situation where I went shopping and misplaced my keys.  By the time I was ready to leave the mall, I could not locate my car keys.  I was pretty calm, although I had my husband’s car, for which I was remembering we only have one key.  Well, I wasn’t going to panic because my philosophy is that there is always a reason and always a way to figure this out.

I had entered the mall with very specific shopping needs and destinations in mind.  At the last store, I started to realize I couldn’t locate my keys and from there retraced my steps.  After exhausting the various couple of stores I had been at, and also the customer service desk, I went out to the parking lot and hoped to see the keys in the ignition… I did not.  I then called AAA, which, at that point, I was happy we have the service.

I also called my husband and let him know that although the AAA guy might unlock the door, we would not have a key to drive the car home.

So within about 15-20 minutes, first my husband showed up, and as I was talking to him, mentioned the stores I had been at, and suddenly realized that there was one store I had forgotten to check… the first one I had stopped at.  I went back into the mall and to that store and there were my keys… Yes the last place I checked.

So what is the learning… That is always my question.  Why did this happen to me?  Perhaps because these questions always enter my mind, I seem to be more interested in figuring out the mystery and getting to the answer, than panicking and not figuring it out!!!

How do you handle these life challenges?  What are your stories about lost keys?