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More From Earl Nightingale…

An excerpt from Earl Nightingale’s ‘The Strangest Secret’, put beautifully to pictures and music.  Just click the link and it will take you the a video done by Simple Truths, as only they can do it.  Enjoy…

The Strangest Secret

What are your thoughts about?  What have you seen occur in your life either wonderful or less than wonderful, because of what your thoughts were about it?

Is Social Media Here To Stay?

What are your thoughts on social media?

This short video is from Social Media Energy and has some interesting facts and figures.  If it goes too fast in places, just go back to get what you may have missed.

What a wonderful thing social media is.  It has cut down on the advertising costs of many companies and that is only one way it has served our society.  How has social media served you, either from a business perspective or personally?

Are You Enjoying Aging?

Here are nine different ways to enjoy getting older.

1.  Drink red wine

2.  Eat dark chocolate

3.  Smile

4.  Relax

5.  Make exercise play

6.  Sleep

7.  Spend time with loved ones

8.  Do puzzles and play brain games

9.  Have a positive attitude

Click here to read more from the article ‘Fun Ways to Live Longer’.

There is so much written now about aging, growing older and most importantly keeping and maintaining our health while doing it.

Just a reminder for anyone who has any issue with the aging process…let’s face it, it’s part of life and living.  And we certainly want to enjoy our remaining time however long that may be.

What are some ways you know of to remain in good health as time goes on.

How Many Jingles Can You Remember?

Remember when every product had a jingle?  I guess some jingles are still associated with products, but I think in the fifties, they all had jingles.  When you see this, I bet you’ll start singing the song… ‘A little dab will do ya…’

Actually, Brylcreem is still around today.  I know someone who (still) uses it!

Ahhh! Even in the fifties they used women to sell men’s products!

The Power of Your Thoughts

Recently I read an email article from John Assaraf, one of my favorite mentors about life.  He started out the article with a quote from Albert Einstein:  “Imagination is everything.  it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

John Assaraf is all about the concepts of quantum physics and how our brain works to create what we have.  Fascinating that he starts his article with this quote from Einstein.  Many well-known people, expert in various fields, have for many years proclaimed that our thoughts create our reality.

What Assaraf mentions in this article is that the challenge is that most of us focus on what we don’t want and therefore keep it alive and then wonder why it keeps showing up over and over again.

He cautions us to think and speak about what we do want, in every facet of our lives, including our business.  ‘Your thoughts not only matter, they create matter’.

He ends the article with a statement we’ve all heard and probably used at one time or other:  ‘I’ll believe it when I see it!’  His contention is that the reality is that:  ‘You’ll see it when you believe it!’

What are your beliefs about the power of our thoughts?  What have you experienced in your life?

Personal Development At Work

Today I wanted to write about personal development at work… Well, not exactly at the workplace, but rather working

Personal development is seemingly a rather intangible thing.  It’s a concept, actually, but the reality is that personal development can be demonstrated in any given situation when it kicks in.

Let’s say you are going about your life and then out of the blue you encounter a situation you are not expecting.  Now I’m not talking anything catastrophic or traumatic.  I’m talking about some nuisance thing that you encounter that would be more of a get-in-the-way type thing or a delay in what you had planned to do and accomplish.  How do you deal with these things?  How do you put into perspective what this nuisance thing means in the big picture of your life?

People who have taken the time to read and absorb personal development concepts, are sometimes more easily able to handle this type of situation.  It’s really about the big picture of it all.  What is the solution?  How can you deal with it?  What will it take to move beyond the thing and get on the other side?

Recently I encountered a situation like the type of thing I’m describing above.   An appointment I had to present our Pre-Paid Legal benefit to a group at a certain time, for a twenty minute time frame, got totally derailed when I encountered road construction and a huge detour in a very industrial area of Detroit, which totally confused even my GPS.

I had called to indicate my dilemma, but when I arrived, realized the call didn’t mean too much in the circumstances at hand.  My twenty minutes couldn’t be moved due to their agenda, of which I was unaware, and my presentation was cut down to about seven minutes, to a partial audience who for the most part was distracted by the next thing they were going to be doing.

When I encounter things like this, my way of dealing with it is to put myself in the other people’s shoes.  I had held them up.  Therefore I apologized without sounding like I was making excuses.

My learning… Allow at least 30 minutes for cushion time.  My plan to get beyond the disappointment of a full-house of enthusiastic listeners/participants is to request another audience with this group, at which I will provide lunch as a true apology for not honoring their time previously.

That’s how I demonstrate my personal development.  How do you deal with things that come your way in life?  How do you demonstrate your personal development?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad… Who?

In the late 90’s I became aware of Robert Kiyosake, who, around 1996 wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  It’s broken lots of records on the New York Times Best Seller list as well as breaking sales records of many kinds with his subsequent series of Rich Dad books.

If you don’t know who he is or haven’t read any of his books, I suggest you do.  He’s got some interesting ideas about money and wealth and so much more.  I found this interview interesting and he truly is someone who is successful after sixty, although he became successful a number of years ago.

You may or may not like this interview, since Kiyosake does not mince words about how he feels about certain things.  However, I believe you may find it enlightening.

How do you feel about Robert Kiyosake?  What is your favorite book by him?