Daily Archives: July 24, 2010

Ever Had This Happen?

Have you ever needed to get something done, like a task or a to-do list item, and knew that it was something that needed to be done at a future time?  And what happened?  Did you remember to do this important task?

Recently I had received a voice mail from a business owner with a referral for me.  Because this man has a ‘day job’ in addition to the small business he owns, I had decided to wait till after 5:00 to call him back, as that was about the time he had left the voice message.  At around 6:30 it hit me like a ton of bricks… Yikes, I hadn’t called and now I wondered if he would even be there.  Well, he was and we had our discussion.

Why does this happen?  Isn’t it amazing how our mind works.  How, when we consciously focus on something, it’s sometimes taxing on us to keep it in the fore of our consciousness?  But when we are not even thinking of it…  Pow!  There it is coming out from somewhere!

They say… that we keep everything up there in that brain.  It just shows up at odd times!

Have you ever had this happen?  What is your most amazing story about this phenomenon?