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Inspiring Quotes by Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was a mentor to many people around the world and to many people I personally know.  He passed away in early December 2009.  If you’d like to learn a little more about him and the contributions he made to so many people’s lives, you can read my December post about him.  Jim Rohn had the most amazing way of saying so much with just a few powerful words.  Hope you enjoy some of his quotes below.

Sometimes you can’t make it on your own.
Combine your knowledge.
None of us is smarter than all of us.

Welcome greatness.
It lives all around you.

Choose to–
Believe the best about others.
Be enthusiastic.
Put people up not down.
Develop the ability to find the ability in others.  It’s priceless.

Help others to be liked.
Help others to be right.

Help others be comfortable.
Help others be winners.

Get your ego out of the way.
Replace I with We.
Inspire someone to be the best they can be.

Think like a person of action.
Act like a person of thought.
Have no regrets.

Commit yourself to something bigger than yourself.
Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does!
Go for it!
Start an epidemic of enthusiasm.

Throw your heart over the bar, and your body will follow.
Don’t waste time waiting for inspiration… Begin and inspiration will find you.

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