Daily Archives: July 16, 2010

Are You Authentic?

Being authentic is a concept I’ve heard about lately relative to marketing yourself in today’s arena.  I guess the word authentic can mean different things in different contexts.

In marketing yourself, it means to let people know the real you.  There is talk about building your personal brand.  Part of that is being authentic.

I think this concept can apply to everyone.  To me it means that if you label yourself a certain way, you should be authentic to that label.

If you say you have integrity, you should be authentic and demonstrate integrity in ways you behave.  If you are preaching that you want to save energy, you should show in how you live, that you are saving energy in everything you do. If you say you are a religious person, than you would be authentic and act in all ways to demonstrate that.  If you say you are an environmentalist, than everything you do should be authentic and show that.

Is it just me, or do you too, marvel at the people who say they are something and do not act authentically to the label they have given themselves?

Let me know what you think on this one?  Would love to get some feedback.