Phishing Anyone?

Have you ever gotten a request by email for your personal identifying information?

Actually a few weeks ago, I received an email from what looked like one of the major credit card companies, indicating that there was an error in my login and password and it needed to be verified by my return email.

This type of fraudulent email is thrown out to hundreds of thousands of email addresses, hoping that a percentage will take the bait.  I think most of us know that our banking institutions or credit card companies would never request our sensitive information through an email or even a phone call.

Ironically, in the case of the login and password inquiry from the party posing as a credit company, it is a card I have and all I did was get into my account and then notify the company of this.

Following is the exact wording of an email I received yesterday.  I actually did a copy/paste, so no, this is not my illiterate writing below.

Occasionally I’ve received these in the past, which I believe a lot of us do.  I’m sure you would not respond to such a thing, but some are a little more sophisticated than this one.  The concept is a type of phishing and it is a form of financial identity theft or financial fraud.



Hello,My Dear

Your Bank Draft of $7.Million has been credited into our ATM VISA CARD by the Management of our bank,be inform that the total amount you can withdraw is $7,500 everyday,you will see the rest details when you receive it and we have also registered your ATM VISA CARD of $7.Million with Ghana Postal Delivery Service, reconfirm your contact information as follows.( 1. Full Name, 2. Delivery Address and 3. Telephone Number)

Contact Person is Mr willam Appiah E-MAIL:( Tel: 00233-278-429-709 Every charges was paid by our bank the only money you will send to them is the Insurance of the Parcel and it is only $175.00 and we registered it this morning as we have paid for other charges, Contact them today to avoid delaying your Atm Visa Card.

Mr Gabriel .E. Chiom
Foreign Remittance Department
United Bank of Africa Ghana


So, what’s $175 when you’re going to get $7 Million in return…  Not a bad r.o.i. right!

2 thoughts on “Phishing Anyone?

  1. Ginna Foote

    Don’t forget your favorite relatives when you cash in all that dough!!! :) But seriously, a good reminder not to open emails if you don’t know the sender!!

  2. Jacquie Harkema Post author

    With all that $$$ I think I could spare a few bucks for my favorite family members!

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