Any Post-Vacation Stories?

Vacations are a wonderful thing, but coming home to a broken water heater is not!  How do you deal with something like that, after a wonderful eight days away in the mountains of Tennessee in a big beautiful house on a beautiful, clean lake and three generations of family having fun?

You probably see where this is headed…  I was thrown a bit.  I am one who will come home after a trip and immediately undo the bags, start the laundry and basically, as fast as possible, return to normal mode.

This was not the case this time.  First of all, panic set in due to my trying to remember from past information about fire hazards of water heaters.  Within two hours we had an emergency plumber arrive and tell us we needed to replace our 75 gallon gas H2O heater.

Did this plumber really think that we were going to have him return on Monday to do the job without doing some research?  I had already googled the situation prior to his arriving and was fixated on pressure valves and some other typical problems with these things.  This guy did turn off the water and gas supply lines before he took his check of over $100 and left.

Well, I do believe he is correct that we do need a new unit which I learned from additional research online.  However, calmer minds prevailed with some sleep and we will be getting a new unit within a couple days… hopefully sooner than later.  Personal referrals always seem best and (go figure) cost much less money!  Happily we have access to a facility nearby with warm showers!

Any post-vacation stories?  Do share!

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