Daily Archives: July 3, 2010

Coupons: Do You Know About This Site?

Are you a coupon user?  If so, how much time does it take to figure out what coupons you will use for things you buy in the grocery store?

Over the years, I’ve occasionally used coupons for grocery items.  It seems that I have phased in and out of feeling it is a good idea or not.  My philosophy is that it is time vs. money.  And most of us would agree that time is money, right.

Well, that being said, I always like feeling I saved some money on something.  I wanted to give my readers a heads up on something you may or may not be aware of.  Recently I have ordered items online on two separate occasions.  Both times, I googled the name of the company, since I find that easier than spelling out the URL address in that bar.  Well, surprise, surprise…  Both times on the list of possible matches were sites offering coupon codes to use for discounts.

Last week I ordered my yearly Franklin calendar pages and successfully used a coupon code shown on the coupon site for a 20% discount.  Sure enough, when I filled out the order information, it successfully took the code and that pretty much covered the tax and shipping charges.  Fun!!!

Over last weekend I ordered a sun-protection hat from Coolibar and interestingly enough, when I googled the name Coolibar, I noticed a few sites offering coupon codes for this company.  I placed my order, inserted the coupon code and what do you know… a 15% discount appeared, which just about covered the shipping on this item.  Love saving money!

Click here for the site I used.  There are others, but I didn’t take much time to explore.  This one had categories of coupons and coupon codes and indicated you can save on 50,000 stores.

What is your thought about coupons?