Daily Archives: June 29, 2010

Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type

Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type by Dr. D’Adamo presents an interesting premise.

You may or may not buy into this theory, but a few months back we saw a business acquaintance we see a couple times a year.  He is quite obese.  However, when we saw him a few months ago he had noticeably shed a tremendous amount of weight.  As we were commenting to him about this, he said it was all due to eating right for his blood type, and mentioned this doctor and his book.

I thought it was worth mentioning here just to inform.

Let me just say this, by way of my personal bias.  I do not and never have been one to jump into the ‘diet of the month’ type thing.  I have always felt that what we eat has to be easy and we shouldn’t have to measure, count calories, or anything like that.  I think that’s why this blood type concept makes sense to me.  It’s all about the various types of foods to either eat or avoid.  Now that makes sense to me!

My husband and I each dug out our records and we are both the same blood type.  We will be following this suggested regimen, which for our blood type will be easy for us to follow.  Ironically about three weeks ago, I realized I must be gluten intolerant and have given up all products with gluten in them.  That is actually part of the diet suggested for my blood type.  And yes, I have dropped a few pounds already because of it.

Have you heard of this book or concept?  Have you eaten for you blood type?  What have been your results?  Would love to hear any comments.