Send In The Clowns

A few weeks ago, we were sitting fourth row center at the Walter Kerr Theater on West 48th St. in New York City and experienced Catherine Zeta-Jones singing Send In The Clowns.  Wow!  What a thrill!

My nephew has been appearing in A Little Night Music on Broadway since it opened last fall, and we finally were able to schedule it in.  He’s one of fifteen cast members in this production, which stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury.

Talk about success after sixtysomething…  Angela Lansbury is in her mid-eighties and amazingly vibrant in this play.  In her role, she spends the entire time on stage in a wheel chair.  Not having been familiar with this famous Stephen Sondheim production, I thought perhaps it was because of her personal health condition.  However, we quickly realized at the very end when she came bounding onto the stage to take her well-deserved bows, that she was being the epitome of the actor ( or actress but I’ve heard they all prefer the actor label) and playing her character well.

It was exciting to see my nephew, Kevin David Thomas, relatively new in his acting career, have an opportunity like this.  He was great as part of the quintet and even had a solo number, which was flawless.  Am I totally objective about this production… Doesn’t matter.  He was great!  Catherine Zeta-Jones was more beautiful than on screen and has a fantastic voice.  Angela Lansbury was fun to watch on stage, since I was only familiar with her from the 80’s TV show she had.  However, I am aware that she is now back to her roots on Broadway.

Today if you go onto the website for A Little Night Music, you will notice that the production will re-open in mid July with Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch.  I’m sure they will be great in their roles also, but since Catherine Zeta-Jones received the Best Lead Actress award at this year’s Tony’s, Bernadette has a tough path ahead.  Of course I’m not much of a critic.  And I’m sure Trevor Nunn, the well-respected director, will take care of things.

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