Daily Archives: June 3, 2010

What is Your Philosophy and How Did You Develop It?

What is your philosophy?  What guides you in making decisions in and for your life?  How did you develop your philosophy of life?

As a young person out of college, as I look back now, I seemed to have surrounded myself with a few people who helped me formulate my philosophy for living.  Aside from how I had developed before the age of 21, I was now living in a different state and creating a whole new life with a new career.  A very exciting time in my life.

There was a woman I taught with who was about ten years older than I, but so very mature beyond her years.  I learned much of my philosophy of life from her.  Also, a woman (at that time we were girls!) I met through mutual friends, who is still a friend, albeit many geographical miles and fewer phone calls between us.  She and I evolved and grew and learned about how to deal with life and life experiences.  I can hardly believe it’s been over forty years.

We all have a philosophy, because we all make decisions by some means.   Perhaps you haven’t thought of it in this specific way.  But what is in your heart-of-hearts?  What is that little voice that helps you make all the choices you need to make in life?

For some it is more religious-based, for some a more spiritual approach, and for some maybe a combination of many things.   Some people may think of philosophy and beliefs as similar and perhaps they are.  In any case the thing about your philosophy and your beliefs is that they will guide the actions you take in life.

What is your philosophy?  How did you develop it?  And how does it guide you with the actions you take to create your life?