Daily Archives: April 30, 2010

How is Your Character?

In a previous post, I referenced a segment from a book by Jim Rohn about forging character.

By now, we’ve probably all read and heard the concept that it’s not what happens to us in our life, but how we choose to deal with what happens to us in our life.  I find that a fascinating concept and one that I had heard many years ago and came to absorb.

We all have good stuff and bad stuff happen to us, whether it’s the result of a choice we made along the way or whether we feel totally helpless about circumstances around us that are now affecting us.  How have you dealt with really bad events in your life?

On the other hand, think of times when you have felt such joy because your life was humming along to perfection.  What a great feeling!

The crazy thing is that we all have experienced good and bad.  And are these words not relative terms?  What is good?  What is bad?  For any given circumstance that has happened to us, we have assigned those labels, perhaps.

What if you have some experience or life event happen and you could step back and take a less emotional look at it.  What is the worst outcome that could happen?  Instead of feeling about it and dealing with it in your normal emotional way, how could you think of it more objectively?  How would you look at it if the same thing were happening to someone you didn’t know very well?  What would you suggest to that person as a way to handle or feel about the event?

Our character is created and we become who we become by how we react to things and situations that happen to us, both good and bad.  Most would think of the negative side of this concept, since when we have negative events happen, often we become very introspective.  But what if you won the lottery?  We’ve all heard the stories of people who have won the lottery and whittle away the money until they have nothing left.  What does that say about their character?

How is your character?  What do you want your character to be?