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What Does Community Mean In This Internet World?

The following post was posted on the InSights Group Blog on Thursday April 22, 2010.  I found it relevant to our interest in relating things about the Internet and Social Media.  You can learn more about InSights Group in Brighton, MI by clicking the button under Resources on the right side of my site.

Growing Community

In this  fast changing world we find ourselves living in, the need to belong somewhere is growing. Hence the need to develop and redefine community. Traditionally the word stood for the place in which you geographically lived, today it stands for your environment/place you find yourself . This new community place has tremendous relevance to who you are and who you become. Today community is on a micro environmental level. We create community socially, spiritually, physically, interest based , etc. through many forms of media today. The latest and fastest growing is the internet. This tool has radically changed how we view community and association. Think back to childhood and remember what the word community meant. Maybe you are like me and remember the word associated with your town or subdivision.  Now it stands for everywhere you put your attention. Your community can be very complex or very simple, it just depends on you.

What do you want your future community to look like? Through the tools of social media you can populate your community any way you want. Is yours fulfilling?