Daily Archives: April 26, 2010

What is in a Number?

Age is stated in numerical terms, indicating how many years we have lived.  Living is a wonderful and fun thing to experience and at this age, I would think we have all come to the conclusion that we need to make the most of what we have and enjoy it all.

So what’s in a number?  What does the number of your age mean?  It was one thing when I turned this decade…the decade starting with the numeral 6, but now I’m just about at the mid point here.  You know it’s not that we’re in denial, certainly.  I’ve never been afraid of my age, and I believe it has helped to have a great mindset about health and everything else.

However, when we are about to get to this mid-point in the decade, we get inundated with  information about Medicare options!  It’s not like we called and asked anyone to send this stuff to us…  It just comes!  Well, today I started to look at the collection of stuff I’ve accumulated in my file.  To my surprise, I think I probably received more than most people would, since three years ago I took on my new married name.  So I have received stuff in both names.  To add to that, somewhere along the way, my previous name had gotten misspelled somewhere, so I have actually received Medicare information in that name too!

We have a great outlook, but with all of this Medicare information coming at us… It’s pretty apparent that the milestone is upon us!

But how could this be?  That age always sounded so old!!!  We need to get a grip and remember, it’s a number.  Our real age is our state-of-mind and our attitude about it all!

How do you feel about your number?