Daily Archives: April 10, 2010

The Masters

For golf enthusiasts, The Masters Golf Tournament concluding this weekend, is probably the most fun and exciting one of the year.  Over the years, I’ve known of a number of non-golfers who have even attended this or who watch it on television, with interest.

There are so many reasons why anyone watches The Masters, which is played at Augusta National Course in Augusta, GA.  There is the colorful and beautiful lush landscaping of the supremely manicured course.  There are the top golfers from around the world.  The best of the best get to play in this event and it is definitely something talked about during the week and after the event for a long time by lots of people, golfers and non-golfers alike.

Well this year is no exception as far as drawing the audience on television, not to mention the people who can actually be there.  But some of us are aware of a huge twist this year.  This is the event that Tiger Woods has chosen to make as his debut event after his few months self-induced hiatus.

This is not a commentary about Tiger’s transgressions and how disappointing it was to learn about his dark side.  This is actually about a wonderful event that comes around every spring and has so much tradition about it.  Hopefully the media will spend their time capturing all the players and their positive stories surrounding this event.

This year there will be a few hours each day of the event televised in 3D.  ESPN carries coverage from Wednesday to Friday and then CBS has the weekend coverage.  For more information checkout:  2010 Masters Golf Tournament .

Will you be watching this event?