Daily Archives: April 3, 2010

Remember or Do Not Forget?

When you speak, are you paying attention to what you are saying?  I mean, do you really know that the words you say have a huge impact on your unconscious mind and anyone you are addressing?

Many years ago, I took a class on this type of information.  This was back in the late 80’s and it has had a profound effect on how I use words in my everyday speech.

When you want someone to bring something with them or take something with them, depending on the situation, what would you say to them?  “Don’t forget to bring that.” or “Remember to bring that.”  To some, the intent seems the same.  But believe it or not, to our brain, our unconscious mind, the statement using the word “remember” is going to enforce that the action will be done.

I have been a student of this type of thing for many years and have seen the effect it has had on my life and those I’ve known and observed.  We need to always speak in positive words and not negative words.  Just like the phrase above, there are many times when we get to choose how to express a thought, from the positive perspective or the negative.  Think about it as you converse with people in the next day or two.  And think about what you are saying to yourself in that regard.

My son was in grade school when I took this class and part of the learning was about words and phrases, i.e. labels, we use to describe our children.  We hear it all the time.  Some are endearing names and sound sweet.  But what sounds sweet in a moment of affection when the child is a toddler is one thing, but may not be a good thing repeated over years as the child it growing and maturing.  And what about derogatory names used to label children?  It’s bad enough that they may be labeled by classmates, but parents and grandparents need to be really on guard with the labels we use.  We all have had moments of frustration and being short tempered.  But I suggest that you absorb this and remember to use only positive phrases to describe the children and grandchildren in your life.

Will you remember to do that?