Daily Archives: April 2, 2010

Abundance and Scarcity

The word abundance is a word that I’d had heard over the years but had not really used in my vocabulary on much of a regular basis until the past few years as I have begun to understand the full connotation of the word.  It’s really quite a nice word when you think of it and its meaning.

Abundance:  extremely plentiful or over-sufficient supply or quantity; overflowing fullness; affluence, wealth.  Just thinking of the abundance we can have in life is a wonderful thought.  Ahh!!!  How many of us think in terms of abundance for ourselves?  And why should we not think of abundance for our lives.  Abundance for a full and happy life with our family, for our health, for the comforts we desire to live with and every other way we can think of.

So where does scarcity fit in?  How many of us have a scarcity mentality?  How many of us think there isn’t enough?  If we have, then someone else will not have.  If we have more than someone else will have less. How many of us even realize that this is thinking in scarcity terms?

We all do a lot of thinking and self-talk, but how many of us think about what we are thinking and saying to ourselves.  So many of the people whose information I pay attention to all agree on the basic concept that abundance is the way to go.  Abundant thoughts are a good thing.  After all, think what it would be like to be in an environment where everyone talked about having enough and even more than enough.  Everyone smiled and was grateful for all that they have right now.

In the interest of being of a positive nature, I’m spending more time here writing about abundance than scarcity and lack.  I actually find it more fun and fulfilling to fill my mind with thoughts of all the wonderful things available to us.

Are you an abundance thinker or a scarcity thinker?  Which serves you best?