Have you ever gotten impatient with setting up something online?

Well, I just set up my new blog with WordPress and was getting a bit impatient with finding and identifying everything to allow me to set up my blog and get the framework finished quickly.  For some reason, it wasn’t as ‘intuitive’ as I thought it should be and pretty quickly contacted ‘support’ to let them know.

What do you know… Within a minute or two of contacting websupport and then going back to take another look at it, there it was… Everything I needed to get started.  It was really ‘square one’ that I couldn’t figure out, but after I found it by looking upper left instead of upper right, I found it and once I found the first piece, the rest followed…

So, has anyone else ever had that experience… one minute so frustrated and the next so calm, happy and feeling like such a jerk for not having seen this before!!!  Oh Well!  I worked on my site and then went back in and contacted support and let them know that I had figured it out!!!

Isn’t the Internet fun???!!!

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