Welcome to Sixty Something Now

Welcome to Sixty Something Now.  This is a site for people over sixty or approaching sixty, who are interested in life, excited about their next venture, anxious to move their current business to the next level, or ready to create something new.  This is for people who have a passion for life and a commitment to continue to find their purpose.

Right now people in the demographic of over sixty years old are vibrant, excited about life and looking to enjoy what is next for them.

Sixty Something Now has been created as a site to fill in the gaps that are not filled by the other sites you may have seen.  We are about personal development, success after sixty, having fun, learning and using the Internet, social media and new technology, and enjoying this time of our lives.  If this sounds like what your interests are, this will be of interest to you.  If you are looking for other stuff, do a Google search to find the sites that have information about those things.

We do a daily blog and encourage you to subscribe to it as well as comment on anything you read.  My intention is to give value to readers and subscribers, since I appreciate you and your time.  This is a journey and a work in progress and I would enjoy your feedback on whatever I write.

So, again, thanks for joining us in this journey and I hope you get from it what you need and want.

Fond regards,

Jacquie Harkema
Leading Lady of Sixty Something Now